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The number of entrepreneurs is increasing every day, and the web design cost is generally not in their initial marketing plan. Therefore, they decide to go for one of the DIY website platforms such as Wix or Squarespace that leads them to have a pretty website but less than ideal. In this blog post, we would like to list 10 web design mistakes small business owners often make.

Podcasts have become so popular in the past few years because they are both informative and entertaining. They provide audio content in smaller chunks, making them ideal for listeners' daily commutes or busy schedules. Although the majority of the world's population still prefer radio, podcast listeners are on the rise.

Migrating to A Step-by-Step Guide written on a pastel green background

Despite the similarity of the names, and WordPress are two different platforms. is more appealing for our clients because they want to avoid monthly subscription fees and be flexible. It is a fair decision because businesses grow, so do our websites. And to host your blog or website may not be the best idea if you consider long-term growth.

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Nowadays, copywriting is very important, as creating content is becoming more and more crucial for businesses. Entrepreneurs create copy for their websites, social media posts, emails and many more. The copy is a part of all these activities that influence the audience to take action or not. Therefore, finding a great copywriter for your company is very important.

how to start a business

Imagine you have a great idea, but you're unsure of where to start. Perhaps you do not know what you want and are searching for the best option available to you. But there is one thing that you're certain of: you want to start a business!

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Shawnell Miller is a former recruiter turned entrepreneur. She was able to uncover her limiting beliefs as a result of her struggles in life, and now with her...

Personal brand photography for female business owners. Janina Shank is a photographer in Munich, working with visionary entrepreneurs and creatives worldwide.

Besides being a strategic sales expert, Roshita is an author, host of Ace the Sales Podcast, conversion specialist, TEDx Speaker and a life-long learner.

After moving between countries and seeking the career path she truly enjoys, Janina Shank has taken the leap and turned her passion into a business.

The lyrics of the musical Mary Poppins changed Nicoline Huizinga's life 11 years ago, giving her the courage to start her own coaching business.

Roxana Iyengar discovered her passion for photography during her teen years in Portugal. When she was around 12 and got her first camera, she told everyone that...