10 Places to Find Content Ideas

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Places to find content inspiration and great online content generator tools

You can find content pretty much everywhere on the internet. On websites, social media, blogs, and so on. Without content, there wouldn’t be any marketing. Influencers, social media managers, SEO professionals and designers produce new and creative content every day. But how do they find these ideas? Where are the places they go to find fresh content ideas?

People produce content in various ways. These include blog posts, infographics, emails, case studies, success stories, ebooks, tutorials, webinars, print media, podcasts, product manuals and many more. But what if you want to be a content creator?

We’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ve compiled the top 10 ways to find new content ideas for you!

1- Pinterest

If you’re struggling to find content topics, then I can’t recommend Pinterest enough. It’s one of my favourite resources for finding new topics for content. Also for discovering what types of content people like to share with their friends on social media.

To get started, just type a topic into the search bar at the top of the page and see what types of pins become available in the drop-down list.

On Pinterest, you can find a fountain of creative ideas with interesting content ‘pinned’ from all over the web. You can use Pinterest to find inspiration as well as promote your site, social media channels, and subscription forms.

2- Quora

One of the best ways to find new content ideas is to search for questions on Quora.

On Quora, people ask questions and seek answers, so you can easily find topics for content. Here is how to do it:

Go to the search bar on Quora and start typing in keywords related to your niche. As you type in your keywords, Quora will show some related topics and questions that you can answer. These suggestions are based on the number of followers each topic has or the total number of views each question has received.

Doing this consistently will not only help you find new content ideas but will also help you build a following around your niche. If someone finds value in your answer, they might follow you and visit your blog/social media channels more often!

3- LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great place to find content ideas not only because connecting with people will give you access to a lot of industry-related posts but also groups will be a source of inspiration. You can also run polls and ask what your audience want to hear using LinkedIn’s features.

In addition, you can connect with people who work in your industry and ask them questions about trending topics, if they think there is an article missing from your site or if they would be interested in writing an article on a particular topic. This way whatever topic you choose has been validated by the people working in your industry who will be reading it.

4- Instagram

Instagram is an online community where you can share photos with friends, family and the wider world. Just like Facebook or Twitter, Instagram has users all over the world. And just like Facebook and Twitter, the best way to find new customers on Instagram is through great content that connects with your target audience. There are many ways to find new content ideas for Instagram. Here are three of them:

The first one is the hashtags. You can search for the best performing hashtags and see what people are talking about, and what type of content performs the best.

The second way is to look at your competitors’ profiles. Use these as a source of inspiration but never copy their content.

You can also look at comments on relevant industry Instagram posts to see what people are asking and curious about.

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5- Blogs

A blog is an excellent way to position your brand as an authority and show your prospects that you have the solution they need.

Blogs are a great resource for content ideas. There are thousands of them out there, whether you’re looking for something specific, or just browsing for inspiration.

6- Google Trends

The most valuable place to find new content ideas is where readers are already looking. That’s why Google Trends is the best tool you’ve ever heard of.

Trying to find new content ideas is a lot like fishing. You know that if you keep going and going, eventually you’re bound to catch something good, right?

The problem is that it’s really hard to keep at it for long periods of time with no results. That’s where Google Trends comes in. If you’re trying to find new content ideas, Google Trends will help you discover which topics are popular, which keywords people are using to search for those topics and even how much interest there is in each of them.

It’s a great way to find out what people want to read about, so you can create content around those topics and drive more traffic from search engines. And the best part? It’s free!

7- Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are great places to find content ideas because they are filled with people who love to talk about their passions. All you have to do is ask a question and you’re bound to get some answers that will spark an amazing idea for content creation.

If you do this in more than one group, you’ll find that the same types of questions keep coming up, which is another sign of an untapped market.

8- YouTube Videos

YouTube can be a great source of content inspiration if you do a little research. Check out what videos are working the best and what’s trending. Videos could be how-to, trend, or news-related.

9- Your Clients

Talk to your clients. If you listen to their problems, you’ll find it inspiring to write about those topics. Even when they tell you their stories, they can give you ideas for a blog post. Or you can find people to interview.

10- Surveys & Instagram Stickers

Use Instagram’s stories or your e-newsletters to ask your audience about the challenges they’re facing in the industry. You can also ask them what topics they would like to know more about.

There are also online tools available to assist you in creating quality content, in addition to places to get content ideas. Let’s have a look at those:

4 Online Content Idea Generators

1- Blog Ideas Generator by HubSpot

Here, all you need to do is to type in a few keywords in the search field and HubSpot will create up to a year’s worth of relevant blog titles in seconds.

2- Ubersuggest is Neil Patel’s SEO tool, however, it is also a great tool for generating content ideas. Just type in a few keywords or a competitor’s website in the search box, and head to the Content Ideas tab on the left column. You will receive a list of ideas that you can use for your next content.

3- Answer The Public helps you discover what people are asking about certain keywords. Enter a term into the search field and the results will display several potential Google search queries.

4 – Impact Plus Blog Idea Generator helps you choose blog topics, but goes beyond that. You can navigate between different topic suggestions and customize the suggested titles with your own keywords.

Content marketing helps marketers build credibility and trust with their audience. Therefore it is important to create content based on your audience’s informational needs over sales-y messages. All you need to do is to first study your target audience and then start to look for these places to find content ideas.

Where are the places you find your content ideas? Share with us in the comments.

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  1. Great tips! I find that keeping a running list of ideas in a notebook or app helps, along with regularly engaging with the audience to understand their interests. Looking forward to implementing these suggestions!

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