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20 Holiday Content Ideas for Your Social Media and Blogs

Make 2021 Holiday Content Planning Easy with these Ideas for Business Blogs and Social Media

Your content plan is the key to a successful online presence, whether you are an entrepreneur, business owner or blogger. And the holiday season is a great time to develop engaging content. In addition to consumers expecting to see this type of content prominently displayed on a retailer’s website and social media platforms, it’s also a great way to boost traffic to your website.

Here are 20 holiday content ideas for your social media and blog!
Happy planning!

10 Blog Post Ideas for the 2021 Holidays:

1- A sneak peek of what you’ve planned for the next year
2- Christmas gift guide for creative entrepreneurs
3- List of social media content ideas for the holiday season
4- Digital and business trends of the past year
5- A year in blog posts: The most popular blog posts of 2021
6- New Year Goals and Affirmations
7- List of ideas for celebrating Christmas and New Year Eve
8- List of YouTube playlists for Christmas and New Year
9- Holiday decorations for home and an office
10- A list of best online and offline events

20 Holiday Content Ideas for Your Social Media and Blogs written on a grey background with christmas decorations

10 engaging Social Media Content Ideas for the 2021 Holidays:

1- “How much do you know about Christmas” Quiz
2- #12 Days of something
3- Personalized video greetings
4- Countdown with daily prizes, promotions and contests
5- Holiday themed memes
6- Caption This!’ photos and videos
7- This or That fun holiday-themed quizzes
8- List of your favourite Christmas movies
9- Holiday themed meal/dessert recipes
10- Examples of Holiday Marketing Campaigns


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Additional ideas for preparing your business for the 2021 holidays

1- Create holiday-themed boards on Pinterest
2- Create a holiday-themed cover image on Facebook, Twitter and other social media
3- Update your logos – add festive attributes
4- Share how you are celebrating the holidays with your followers

Are you ready for the fast-approaching Holiday season? Now it’s time for you to create the 2021 holiday content!

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