70 Positive Affirmations for Ambitious Female Entrepreneurs

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We are made of our thoughts and beliefs, which shape our daily lives, how we manage businesses, and much more. Especially female entrepreneurs can feel overwhelmed between household chores and business requirements. Positive affirmations could be just what they have been looking for! Let’s take a look at how these can be helpful:

Did you know our brains sometimes get mixed up and can’t differentiate between reality and imagination? In such cases, we might self-sabotage our thoughts and behaviours to reach our goals. But the good news is, that we can rewire our brains and replace these negative beliefs with reality. For example, you might replace a negative or anxious thought, like:

  • “I’m so terrible at my job. I’m probably not even as qualified as the other web designers I see on Instagram. There’s no way I will get clients, so I should just quit.”

With a positive affirmation:

  • “I have all the necessary skills and experience, and I can make a difference in my clients’ lives.”

I’ve prepared 70 positive affirmations that will support you in aligning your thoughts with your goals. Print, bookmark or write down all these affirmations to repeat at least twice a day for 3-5 minutes, and see how your subconscious mind will be reprogrammed in time. Let’s start…

Money Affirmations

1- I am abundant
2- I am grateful my bank account is filling up so quickly!
3- I am a money magnet
4- I am financially independent
5- It is safe and good for me to be debt-free
6- I am capable of creating my life exactly as I want it to be
7- Money comes to me easily and effortlessly
8- I welcome abundance into my life daily
9- There is plenty of money to go around
10- Being wealthy feels amazing

Worthy Affirmations

1- I am worthy, I am whole and I am enough
2- I am worthy of love and respect
3- I am worthy of everything good in life
4- I was born worthy and enough to follow my dreams confidently and courageously
5- I am worthy of everything I desire
6- My grateful heart is a magnet that attracts everything I desire
7- I choose to be happy and to love myself today
8- I am confident and full of gratitude
9- I like who I am becoming
10- I am free of worry and regret

Health Affirmations

1- I am healthy and full of energy
2- I enjoy existing in a natural state of well-being
3- It comes naturally for me to feel good and healthy
4- I am calm and at peace
5- I have an inner sense of calm
6- I am healing more and more every day
7- I am grateful for my body and skin
8- All of my body systems are functioning perfectly
9- I pay attention and listen to what my body needs for health and vitality
10- My body grows stronger every day

Success Affirmations

1- I believe in myself and my ability to succeed
2- I am blessed beyond measure
3- I am prepared to work even harder to be successful
4- Today will be another successful day
5- I was not made to give up
6- I am brave enough to climb any mountain
7- I dream, I believe, I receive
8- Great things never come from comfort zones
9- It’s safe for me to dream big and have everything I want
10- I handle success with gratitude and grace

Confidence Affirmations

1- I am in control of how I feel and today I am choosing happiness
2- Great strength lies within me at all times
3- I am confident and strong
4- I am successful in everything I do
5- I radiate confidence and positivity
6- I release all doubts and insecurities about myself
7- My life is a miracle and I am grateful for it
8- I am capable of so much more than I think
9- I deserve my dreams
10- My confidence lies in my knowledge and experiences

Love Affirmations

1- I feel loved
2- I appreciate all that I have
3- I am in a loving, committed, strong relationship
4- I nurture my relationship with love
5- I am surrounded by love and prosperity
6- I am worthy of receiving love
7- All the love that I need is drawn to me
8- I am letting go of fear and worry
9- My partner shows me a deep and passionate love
10- Everything I see is either an act of love or a call for love

Positive Thinking

1- My potential is limitless
2- I choose to be happy right now.
3- I love my life
4- I am unique. I am different in my own beautiful way
5- I will not compare myself with strangers on the internet
6- I accept myself unconditionally
7- My strength is greater than any struggle
8- I am worthy of massive success
9- I deserve to feel good
10- I am not my negative thoughts

Other Ways to Rewire Your Brain

  • Affirmations are just one self-help tool, and there are other ways to rewire your brain and shift your mindset. These are:
  • Learning a new language
  • Travelling
  • Making some music
  • Making art
  • Exercising
  • Meditate
  • Counting your blessings
  • Doing a random act of kindness at least 5 times a week
  • Getting organized
  • Ticking off to-do lists
  • Building connections with others. (Did you know that you can book a coffee chat with me?)


There is no doubt that positive thinking is an emotional and mental attitude that will benefit us. Our thoughts affect our actions, therefore our minds can break or make our lives. Practice affirmations daily and start harnessing the power of positive thinking today.

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