How To Write A Killer About Page For Your Website Or Blog

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Building your online presence is everything. I mean, that is what you’ve heard for years, right? If you want to be successful online, you need to have an online presence. Building that presence is the hard part for many people as there are lots of factors involved. One of these factors is crafting a stellar about page for your website or blog. Yes, it’s true that if you want to grow in popularity and brand recognition. Then you need to find a way to create an about page on your website or blog that will compliment the rest of your site.

Why an About Page is Important?

Writing an about page is a very important part of your website. And unfortunately, it’s something that most people overlook, or don’t know how to do. When writing your about page, you’re not only providing information about yourself and your products and services, but you’re also telling the reader what to expect when they visit your website.

The first thing to take into account when writing an About Page is that many people who visit your site will never get past this page. They will click over to see what your website is about, but if they don’t like what they read, they’ll hit their back button and be gone.

To write an effective about page that will get people excited about visiting your website again, and possibly even purchasing from you, you must take the time to write a compelling description of yourself and your business.

4 Tips to Write a Killer About Page

Keep It Short & Sweet

The challenge with writing an effective about page is keeping it short and simple. An effective about page should be four paragraphs or less in length. If you’re writing a long description of yourself, you’ve failed in your attempt to captivate your readership.

Use action words at the beginning of your description. Start with “I help,” or “my business helps.” The first sentence of your about page is the most critical because it should immediately get the reader interested in reading more.

Make It Human & Relatable

Treat your About Page as if you were selling yourself to your visitors. It is your chance to tell them about yourself, what you stand for and why they should keep coming back for more.

About pages are critical on any site where the owner of the site has a “personality” or personal brand. The reason some sites are more successful than others is that they actually care about their readers, so their About pages are often more human and relatable.

If done well, your About page will help build trust in your brand by demonstrating that you are transparent, trustworthy, authentic and reliable. And as we all know, trust is the foundation of all businesses.

Make It About “Yourself”, “Your Product” & “Your Brand”

Trying to cover everything can end up sounding like a resume, which is boring. Your potential audience doesn’t care that you graduated from Harvard with a masters degree in marketing and a minor in French literature.

Most of them don’t even care that you volunteer at your kid’s school or that you like to mountain bike on the weekends. They just want to know about your service or product and how it can help them.

Make it easy for yourself by breaking down what you have to offer into three main categories: yourself, your product and your brand. Then tell them about those things in an organized way.

Tap Into Your Target Market’s Emotions

When you write your About page, try to imagine who will most likely read it. Put yourself in your potential customers’ shoes. What are their wants and needs, their objections and their problems?

Are you targeting new mothers or IT professionals? Be sure to address their specific needs in your copy. You should appeal to their emotions and motivate them to take action.


Most people think that this is the part of a blog or website where you tell everyone about yourself, but it is not. That isn’t what it should be about. It is not a description of your life story, and it shouldn’t be a boring collection of your work history either. This is the place where you tell people why you are qualified to give the information that they want to find. Are you an expert? Why? Are you trying to fix a problem like this one? How? Tell them in clear and concise language so that they know exactly how your blog or website can help them. If you don’t do this first, then your work risk falling by the wayside.

In addition, make sure your about page is visible and simple to find on every page of your website. Include the about page link in your footer. Not every visitor gets there from the home page so make sure it’s easy for them to find using search engines by adding it to all pages.

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  1. Great article on how to make an effective “about” page! It’s all about letting your ideal customers know how you can help them succed and how you’ve helped others. Thanks for sharing!

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