How to prepare your small business for the 2023 holiday season

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Like it or not, the 2023 holiday season is coming soon. People will get ready for the biggest shopping season of the year while things might soon get hectic for entrepreneurs and small businesses. If you are not ready yet and want to prepare your small business for the 2023 holiday season, we’ve got you covered.

Did you know that Christmas shopping in the US starts on November 1st for 42% of consumers? And the fact that they are most likely (79%) to make an online purchase on a laptop or desktop device?

We know that global companies and corporations have already started planning their most important and profitable time of the year, but what about entrepreneurs and small businesses? This is a great opportunity for individuals who have been waiting for the right time to build their own businesses, or entrepreneurs and startups to prepare their businesses for the 2023 holiday season. Consumers are already in a spending mood, so why not think of ways to maximise your business?

The good news is, that you don’t need to be selling items that could be gifted. You can still take advantage of this increased spending. Today, we will be giving you some marketing ideas to prepare for this season so you can start taking action. There are lots of ways but we will do our best not to keep it too long.

First of all, especially if you are a busy entrepreneur, you might want to consider delegating or outsourcing marketing tasks where appropriate. Delegating and outsourcing some parts of your business will give you more time and it will provide an important experience for your key employees. Hire a boutique agency to do all the tasks for you. If you cannot outsource or delegate, don’t worry. There is always ‘Next Year’!

Let’s start with the essentials;

1- Give your website a holiday makeover

Websites are great channels for your clients (or potential clients) to understand what benefits you can offer to them. Have it redesigned if you are still using the website you built in the 90s. Make it responsive so people can access your content on their mobile devices. Place your holiday offers and make your sign-up forms visible. Renew your banners for the holiday season- make it dynamic and visually appealing. If blogging is part of your business strategy, get your holiday-related topics ready.

2- Focus on emotional connection, not on discounts

Consumers seek more authenticity in the brands they associate with. Don’t fall in the trap of giving discounts just like anyone else in the market but rather try to create an emotional connection. Focus on inspirational messages, and turn the focus to spending time with friends and family. Make use of teddy bears, babies or cute animals if you can. Prioritise personal factors rather than products and discounts.

Here is a perfect example of what you could do, even with a little bit of budget. A man creates a heartbreaking advert for just £50 and receives a tremendous response from thousands of viewers online. Phil Beastal says that his aim with the film was to make viewers “really reflect on what they have around them and take a moment to appreciate how lucky we are.” Isn’t that a great way to get your message out there rather than placing your products and how much discount you are offering?

3- Identify channels to distribute your message

You may not have a huge budget to make use of the TV ads but there is a myriad of ways to get your message out there. When selecting the channel, the most important factor is where your intended audience might be. Are they on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram? Or simply looking at Etsy to buy something meaningful and customised?

Once you identify the channels to distribute your message, decide how you will make use of these channels. Are you going to give targeted Facebook and Instagram ads to reach young couples who recently got married? Or use Tik Tok ads to reach a younger audience? You may also consider your email subscribers to turn your leads into buyers. Prepare your social media or e-newsletter graphics and copy for all these channels before it gets busy and overwhelming.

4-Prepare your advertising budget

One thing you should always consider is to make sure your expenses don’t exceed your profits. If it helps to hire a bookkeeper or an accountant, don’t wait for it.

If you have staff and inventory, take the time to lay out all of these. Consider holiday decorations, hiring extra workers or outsourcing costs. Once you determine your expenses and forecast your upcoming sales, decide on an advertising budget.

5- Check out key consumer trends for 2023

Due to pandemic, consumer habits have changed a lot in the last few years. Based on NIQ’s global Holiday Outlook, some interesting consumer behaviors and trends to watch in 2023 are around early holiday preparations, new perceptions around gifting, life milestones and accumulating waste.

Are you ready to prepare for the upcoming holiday season? Then let’s start! If you need any help in growing your online presence, Social Influence.Co is here to help so that you can also have time to plan some fun events for yourself and your family.

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