7 Important Reasons Why Your Podcast Needs A Website

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Connect with your listeners and create funnels via your podcast website

Podcasts have become so popular in the past few years because they are both informative and entertaining. They provide audio content in smaller chunks, making them ideal for listeners’ daily commutes or busy schedules. Although the majority of the world’s population still prefers radio, podcast listeners are on the rise.

Podcasting gives individuals a chance to run their own shows as well as spread awareness about specific topics. Moreover, it’s a great way for small business owners to get clients, promote their business, and become experts in their fields. However, one shouldn’t post a podcast and expect everyone to find it. Podcasters need to promote their content just like every other type of content.

In this article, we’ll explain why your podcast needs a website, and how it can give your podcast a competitive edge.

1- Podcasts can reach a wider audience through websites

You can gain more traffic to your website by using SEO and digital marketing strategies. Having a professionally built website will allow search engines like Google to index your content. However, you shouldn’t assume that your website will automatically be indexed by search engines simply because you have one.

By working on your SEO and using targeted keywords on your pages and photos, podcast listeners will be able to find your podcast on search engines, whether they are searching for podcasts in your niche or even merely searching for your podcast name. By not having a website, you lose out on all the listeners searching for you online.

Plus, what better way is there to build backlinks to your podcast than to allow your guests to mention your episode pages?

2- Websites provide your listeners with a searchable archive of old and new podcast episodes 

Podcast archives on websites are a great way to showcase all of your episodes in one place. It’s important to make sure your website is accessible and even easier to use, so you can allow listers to search for old and new episodes alike. As we’ve seen time and time again, the easier your content is to find, the more likely your subscribers are to subscribe.

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3- You can collect leads on your podcast website, and notify your subscribers when you upload new episodes

A subscription form on your website can serve as a great opportunity to promote your business by collecting your listeners’ email addresses. By collecting their contact information, you can send them special edition newsletters, notify them of new podcast episodes, and even make sales.

Sending e-mail newsletters regularly can help you grow and nurture your podcast audience as well as keep them engaged.

4- You can build a community & authority via your podcast website

Listeners can give you feedback on your website by using tools like comments, surveys, and more. For example, your audience can submit questions through an easy contact form on your website. By doing so, you can let them be more engaged.

In addition, podcast episode pages that are created as blog posts can be a great way to collect comments and reviews.

5 – Your branding will be displayed on your website, which will help your listeners remember your podcast

Having a distinctive visual identity for your podcast is essential. You can keep your podcast at the forefront of your listeners’ minds by using visual elements consistently across all your communication channels. This includes your social media graphics, e-newsletters, ads and more. You can read more about the importance of brand consistency here.

6- A well-designed podcast website can give podcasters a competitive advantage

Unfortunately, finding well-designed, easy-to-use podcast websites is incredibly difficult. Possibly because there aren’t many podcast websites (yet) as podcasters aren’t aware of the benefits of having a website. If you are looking to source guest speakers or interview subjects, a well-designed website will give you credibility.

7- You can earn money via your podcast website

By using your podcast website you can reach more people. You can make money from your podcast website by using affiliate marketing on your blog posts or pages, promoting your services, or even selling digital products. You can also sell ad space in your e-newsletter as your subscriber base increases.

Plus, you can attract sponsors for the show as you establish yourself as an expert in the field and become known as a podcaster with thousands of listeners through your website.

Final Thoughts:

Are you still questioning why your podcast needs a website?

If you are a serious podcaster, you need a professional website, just like any business owner or blogger. Connecting with your listeners and creating a funnel are vital components of podcasting. Not to mention more sponsorship opportunities and ownership rights.

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