50 Blog Ideas for Fitness, Health and Wellness Coaches

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Blog ideas to get you thinking about what to write about

Blogs are an excellent way to drive traffic to your website. If you’re a fitness, health, or wellness coach with a website, creating fresh content for your blog is one of the easiest ways to establish authority in your field. However, creating fresh content can be difficult. Don’t worry, we are here to help! If you have a new wellness or health blog, or if you’re just looking for new topics to write about, here is a list of 50 reader-focused blog post ideas:

Mental Health Related Blog Post Ideas

  • How Journaling Can Help You Mentally Cope with the Anxiety
  • How to Avoid Imposter Syndrome
  • X Ways to Combat Depression
  • X Proven Benefits of Meditation
  • X Great Self-Care books to read in 2021
  • How to Mentally Prepare for Pregnancy
  • X Ways to Banish Negative Self Talk
  • X Bullet Journal Ideas
  • X Things to Tell Yourself When Things Aren’t Ok
  • X Inspiring Mental Health Blogs

Nutrition Related Blog Post Ideas

  • How to eat healthy while working from home
  • X Healthy Recipes for the Winter
  • X Ways to Avoid Unhealthy Snacking
  • X Healthy Foods To Soothe Stress and Ease Anxiety
  • X Easy Recipes for the Busy Entrepreneurs
  • X Foods That Will Help Boost Your Memory
  • X Favorite Healthy Drinks for Summer
  • X Favourite Healthy Breakfasts
  • What to Eat for Weight Loss
  • X Weeks Vegan Meal Plan

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  • X Energy-Boosting Yoga Moves You Can Do Anywhere
  • X Free Online Workouts That We Love
  • This Home Cardio Workout Will Get Your Heart Pumping
  • X Easy Ways to Exercise in The Heat
  • X Favorite Lower/Upper Body Workouts
  • X Fitness tips for Women in their 40s
  • How to Build Muscles without Gym
  • How to Exercise During Lockdown
  • X Best Health Tracker Apps
  • X Days Butt Lift Challenge
  • Understanding X Treatment for Sports Injuries

Social & Relationships:

  • X Ways to Virtually Connect with Others During the Lockdown
  • X Ways Yoga Can Improve Your Relationships
  • X Tips for Maintaining a Long Distance Relationship
  • X Signs of a Healthy Relationship
  • X Ways for Maintaining Healthy Friendships
  • X Tips to Get New Friends during the Lockdown
  • X Ways to Be a Better Friend
  • How to Make Friends in Your 40s
  • X Ways to Build Trust in a Relationship
  • X Easy Ways To Communicate Better in Your Relationship

Other Ideas for Health and Wellness Coaches:

  • X ideas for Health and Wellness Jobs
  • X Best Wellness and Nutrition Coaches
  • Why Breathing is Essential to Your Health
  • X Ways to Renew and Restore Wellness
  • X Wellness Tips from Famous Models
  • How Water Keeps your Skin Young
  • Side Effects of Too Much Caffeine
  • Foods that Strengthens Your Nails
  • X Holiday Gifts for Wellness Junkies/Foodies
  • This Week’s Top Stories about Wellness

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Hopefully, you now have more blog ideas than ever before, so you can write more blog posts.

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