5 Reasons Why You Need a Website Redesign

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We are living in a digital world and things are changing so fast that we may not be able to catch up with everything. When we consider a website redesign and search for the latest web design trends, we see a lot of confusing words. There is artificial intelligence, animated icons, parallax animations and many more. Digital marketing terms like user experience, SEO, responsiveness and algorithm are making it even more overwhelming.

But how do we keep our online presence competitive and modern in this fast-paced environment? The answer is simple: We stay competitive by learning and adapting to the changing digital technology. And making changes to your website and your digital strategy can have a huge impact on your success.

Take a look at the Web Design Museum website and you will understand how fast web design trends have changed over the years.

Web design evolution is inevitable. Yet, there are not always external reasons why we need a website redesign. Here are five questions you need to ask yourselves today to see if you need a website redesign for your business:

1- Is your website mobile friendly/responsive?

As mobile internet users surpassed desktop users in recent years, mobile websites have gotten even more important.

Just because you have a website doesn’t mean that it is optimised for mobile devices. You need to make sure that your website is providing the same good experience both on desktops and mobile devices. This is why it requires extra work to make a website mobile-friendly. You need to test not only on mobile phones but also on tablets.

Having a mobile-friendly website has a lot of advantages. With a mobile-friendly website, entrepreneurs can reach a wider range of customers. They look more professional and reach customers even faster. In addition, search engines favour mobile friendly websites. Here on Google’s website, you can read what they think about mobile-friendly websites.

2- Has your target audience changed?

Identifying the target market is a key part of the website strategy. Your target market determines how you brand your website, how you talk about your products, where you sell them and whom you’re competing with.

Businesses evolve. Your business goals and target audience might change on the go. This is very normal. All you need to do is to adapt your marketing strategy and reflect it on your website as well as other marketing channels.

3- Do your clients get confused or complain?

You might be selling the most unique products or services in the world. However, it doesn’t have value if they are not visible on your business website. Your website visitors should be able to find the products easily when they land on your website.

Do you know how long users stay on websites? On average, people stay on websites for less than 15 seconds! So you have less than 15 seconds to capture your visitors’ attention. There is more. It takes 0.05 seconds for people to generate an opinion about your website. Getting your website redesigned could help you get rid of snap judgements on your homepage.

Information architecture and online user experience play a big role in your website visitors’ experience. If you have a poorly designed website, your visitors cannot find what they are looking for. Because of this, they will abandon your website and go to the competitor’s website. Make your website engaging so that you don’t lose potential clients to your competitors.

4- Is it difficult to add functionality to your website?

It is a warning sign when you need to pay extra to add functionalities such as e-commerce or email marketing to your website. A well-functioning website should allow you to add these functionalities easily. You should be able to install and customise these tools while your business is growing. If you need to pay extra for functionalities, it would make more sense to pay someone to have your website redesigned.

5- Does your competitor’s website make you jealous?

If your website is not in line with the quality of your competitors, you’re most likely losing sales to them. This is not only about the design and navigation, but also about search engine ranking. Using free online tools, you can check if their websites are ranking higher on search engines. You can then compare it with yours.

If you think you need a website redesign, it doesn’t mean that you are not doing well. You should do a full redesign of your website every two to three years to stay modern. With a bit of investment, you could increase your traffic and conversion rates.

Contact us if you think it is the right time for you to get your website redesigned.

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