5 Common Web Design Myths You Should Avoid

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Are you falling for any of the below web design myths?

A professional website design leaves a first good first impression and leaves a lasting effect. To build a website that will not only be visually appealing but also effective, it’s important not to fall for the common website design myths circulating the internet.

Here are some of the most common web design myths that I’ve seen, 

 “Unique Design is everything!” 

Wrong! Websites should offer comfort and familiarity to their users. Your menu can be placed on the bottom left side of your website if you want. Nevertheless, if your navigation takes a long time to figure out, you will lose that familiarity, and users will be frustrated. It could cost you a sale. 

“Once I build my website, my job is done” 

Wrong! The images on your site will eventually become outdated, the links will break, and your content will get stale. You need to maintain your website. 

“Once my website is online, I will automatically attract visitors” 

Wrong! You might think that: I’ve invested money in this website so I should be getting visitors, leads and clients. However, getting your website online is only half the work. It takes a lot of effort to generate traffic to your website. Here are some ideas to increase the number of traffic to your website.

“Only online businesses need a website” 

All professional businesses need a website. Now more than ever, customers want to be able to find information about you from your company website, whether you are an online business or not. Plus it makes the business more trustworthy. 

“The home page creates the first impression” 

This might be true if your visitors are direct visitors, however, they might first land on a blog post or another page via search results. In general, approximately half of a website’s visitors will arrive via a page other than its homepage. 

Are you falling for any of these myths? Are there any website myths on our list that you believed to be true? Share in the comments.

5 Common Web Design Myths You Should Avoid

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  1. Great article on web design myths! One myth I frequently see is, clients expect they’ll automatically get visitors once the website is live. When the truth is, you have to produce great content in order to get quality traffic.

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