3 Places to Find a Great Copywriter for Your Business

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To hire a great copywriter for your business, you need to look in the right places and ask the right questions

Would you like your content to get read, drive sales and acquire new customers? Do you know what makes a great copywriter good, what makes their copy so popular and the best part is that if you find a great copywriter for your company, they won’t cost you an arm or a leg!

Copy entertains the readers, resonates with them, but also compels them to act. With good copy, you can effectively sell your products to a vast audience ready to hear your message.

If you have trouble producing quality content consistently, a copywriter might be the solution. And it can be difficult to find a copywriter if you have never hired one before. Below are three places to find a great copywriter to help you get started.

3 Places to Look for a Great Copywriter

1- Ask for Referrals

Networking never gets old, and it is still one of the best methods of meeting new people. Your network can be a valuable source of recommendations. If you have a network of trusted professionals, see if they know of any copywriters who could be a good fit for your project.

Your creative agency or web designer might also be working with professional copywriters. Make sure to check with them before starting your business projects.

2- Social Media Contacts & Search

The best places to build a community these days are social media channels such as LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook. You can connect with industry professionals as well as find potential copywriters on these platforms.

You can look through your peers’ connections for a copywriter, ask your connections for recommendations, or simply use the search functionality. You’ll receive a list of potential candidates and be able to access their work samples and other relevant details.

3- Google Search

Among all the places to find a great copywriter, Google search is a great way to find one with experience. With a Google search, you may not be able to find copywriters as effectively as Referrals or LinkedIn, but you will still get a lot of options. Make sure to check their websites and customer reviews.

You should also include the location as part of your search especially if the location is important.

5 Questions To Ask When Hiring A Great Copywriter

1. What is your Copywriting process?

An experienced copywriter will easily be able to outline for his clients a structured and concise process. If the copywriter can’t effectively explain the process clearly and concisely, then you can assume two things: either he’s inexperienced and you’re one of her first few clients, or she not very good at marketing herself.

2- Are you familiar with my industry?

When hiring a copywriter, you might want to ask if they have experience working with other businesses in the same – or similar – industry. It might also be a good idea to ask for some samples of work.

3- Do you optimize content for search engines?

Knowing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential, not an option. A candidate should have some familiarity with keyword research, SEO titles, meta tags, among other SEO basics.

4- How long does it take for a complex project to be completed?

To get a better understanding of their work timeline, you may want to ask them what their previous deadlines were for similar projects.

5- When a design is needed, can you communicate directly to a designer?

It is an experience we have very often and see its significance in our website projects. A copywriter should be able to provide clear directions to a designer, including how the final piece will look and what it will accomplish. Communication between the copywriter and designer means you don’t have to worry about managing this.


To hire a great copywriter for your business, you need to look in the right places and ask the right questions. Because, in the end, hiring a good copywriter can give your business a competitive edge.

When it comes to service providers, we recommend our customers hire specialists with experience that are more skilled than multiple amateurs. Therefore, we do not recommend using platforms such as Fiverr or Upwork to find copywriters.

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  1. Yes! Choosing a professional who can help us sell with words should include all these recommendations. Taking a close look at her samples could help you evaluate the quality of her work. Great article!

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