Canva Instagram Story Templates

Ready to Edit 30 Branded Instagram Story Templates for Canva

• Unlock 30 unique Instagram story templates, fully branded and customizable to suit your style.

• Tailored for photographers, coaches, and aspiring entrepreneurs seeking to make an impact.

• Includes a straightforward How-To Guide for easy editing.

• Enjoy Instant Access to Templates, enabling you to start your creative process as soon as you purchase the digital product.

PLUS you get an immediate download, so you can start showing up on Instagram in a whole new way today!


Once you make your purchase, simply import the templates into your Canva account, incorporate your brand elements, and showcase your creations to your Instagram audience.


Revamp Your Instagram with 30 Editable Instagram Story Templates!

Instagram Story Templates are invaluable tools for enhancing your online presence and engagement. Here’s why you need them:

  1. Effortless Branding: Templates provide a consistent visual identity for your brand, ensuring every story aligns with your brand’s aesthetics and messaging.
  2. Time-Saving: Creating custom designs from scratch can be time-consuming. With templates, you can quickly edit pre-designed layouts, saving you valuable time.
  3. Professionalism: Templates offer polished and professional-looking designs, elevating the quality of your content and making a lasting impression on your audience.
  4. Engagement Boost: Eye-catching templates grab attention and encourage interaction, increasing the likelihood of your audience engaging with your stories through likes, shares, and comments.
  5. Creativity Catalyst: Templates serve as creative prompts, sparking ideas and inspiring new ways to communicate with your audience, ultimately enhancing your storytelling abilities.

  • Crafted with Canva for Seamless Customization
  • Featuring Chic Blush, Beige, and White Hues
  • Comes with an Easy-to-Follow How-To Guide
  • Unlock Engaging Designs for Your Stories Today!


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