A full day dedicated for your website

Exclusive Service: Web Design & Development in One Day

1- Did you hire a Web designer and it took months to finish Your Project?

2- is your website design not speaking to your audience?

3- you don't have time to work on a website but you want it as soon as possible?

Take a look at our One Day Web Design service.

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introducing the exclusive one day web design

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We will set a date together to have your website designed. On this day, we will find out your requirements and give you some prep work. We will make sure to give you some time to do this prep work.

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Creation of your website

This includes up to 4 pages of website designed and built on WordPress. During the day we will be in contact with you through email and asking for your feedback.

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follow up

30 days of follow-up email support in case you have any questions on how to update your website. We want to make sure that you feel confident in making simple updates on your own going forward.

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A day with no interruptions and no hidden costs

You will have our undivided attention and we will not allow any other projects to interrupt this project.

We follow a modern approach so you will not waste time. We only expect you to do the prep work before we start working on this project and reply to your emails on the day we build your website.

You will have full access to your website so you will be able to see our progress.

And most importantly, there is no hidden cost unless you want something specific and we can only provide it with a paid plugin.

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“Before I decided to launch my business to help entrepreneurs grow their online presence, I worked at global companies’ online marketing departments for almost 10 years. 

During my professional experience, I’ve taken role in countless global website and customer experience projects, worked with digital, PR and advertising agencies and managed social media accounts.

My goal now is to share my knowledge and experience in digital marketing with business owners and those who want to turn their passions into a business.”

Damla Hasenclever, Founder of Social Influence

social influence exclusive one-day web design

-Understanding your requirements via a call and website onboarding questionnaire

-A dedicated full day to get your project done

– 4 web pages designed and built on WordPress  (Including a contact form)

– No ready themes – only custom design that is tailored to your business

-30 days email support

total price €1499

tax included