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Web copy is as important as your design. Not only for SEO but also to convert your website visitors into clients, get their email addresses or have them enquire about your services.

If you are...

Frustrated about creating your website copy

and don’t want to pay extra for the copywriting

Or A service business Owner

and not sure what to write on your website

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Marketing Pro & Digital Geek

Hey, I'm Damla

An entrepreneur, digital geek, travel addict and expat dedicated to helping you have the website of your dreams.

Using strategy and online user experience principles, I work with you to design and build online homes, making you and your visitors feel comfortable when viewing the website.

I have over 10 years of professional digital marketing experience so I don’t only create custom-branded websites but also give you marketing tips about how to make the best out of them. 

Embrace the ever-evolving digital landscape and expect more than just a website when you work with me.

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Includes an SEO checklist

get found online with this website content checklist

In order for a website to be effective, it should:

We have therefore included a website SEO checklist in the workbook to help you create your copy using these guidelines.

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